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            安徽福彩网 Clasien  安徽福彩网.
            安徽福彩网 Clasien  安徽福彩网.
            安徽福彩网 Clasien  安徽福彩网.

            Clasien 安徽福彩网. is a high-tech enterprise located in , the provincial capital of Jiangsu Province, with excellent location and convenient transportation. We are mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of new drugs, Pesticide and other fine chemicals. We have two R&D centers and a modern production base, can develop and produce new chemical products ranging from kilograms to tons.

            安徽福彩网 Clasien  安徽福彩网.

            Add: NO.5,XinMofan Street,,China.

            Tel: +86-25-83172646

            Mobile: +86-13951819648

            E-mail: sales@yizhanhua.cn


            QQ: 3446369016 , 904806781

            安徽福彩网 Clasien  安徽福彩网.
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